Debates and Networking

One of our goals is to create a friendly and inspiring environment for scholars,experts, and professionals engaged in Asia related researches and activities. We cherish open discussion and free exchange of views, where the opinions and arguments of the participants are appreciated and respected and but also challenged and debated.

To achieve our goal, we will organize debates in the format of the Round Table. The panelists (2-4) will have an opportunity to present their thesis on the selected topic and to present the arguments supporting their thesis. For the panelists the purpose of the debate is to persuade the commentators and audience to adopt and to support the thesis of the most convincing panelist.

The commentators will play a crucial role in the panel. Being the experts in the field or related areas they not only comment and evaluate the arguments raised by the panelists but also pose questions that panelists shall address and present the wider perspective on the discussed topics.

We hope that debates will be a vivid and inclusive with audience playing an important and active role in the meetings during the Q&A rounds.